• Creuses Perle Blanche Nr.2 (80 gr)

    1 pc / Eur 4,50

  • Creuses Gillardeau Nr.4 (50 gr)

      1pc / Eur 4,50

Salads and Starters
  • Fresh artichoke with Parmigiano cheese

    Eur 15,50

  • Green salad with coloured beetroot, asparagus, orange sauce, pumpkin and seesam seeds

    Eur 8,90

  • Salad with Greek cheese from sheep and goat, spinach, celery, pears, figs, pecans, honey and rosemary

    Eur 12,90

  • Caramelized goat cheese with pine nuts and pear cooked in red wine

    Eur 10,90

  • Burrata with tomatoes

    Eur 13,90

  • Cuttlefish salad with celery, tomatoes and potatoes

    Eur 18,90

  • Sea scallop, Scottish salmon, tuna fish and avocado tartar with soya - sesame sauce

    Eur 15,50

  • Tiger shrimps with potatoe - avocado and tarragon salad

    Eur 14,00

  • Dry - aged beef fillet carpaccio with pate au Foie Gras and truffles

    Eur 17,50

  • Dry - aged beef fillet tartar

    Eur 17,50

  • Young spinach and farmyard chicken breast salad with avocado, artichokes, quail eggs and pine nuts

    Eur 14,70

Warm starters
  • Eggplants backed with tomatoes and Scamorza affumicata cheese

    Eur 11,70

  • Wild mushroom salad with haricot beans, young potatoes and Stracciatella cheese

    Eur 16,50

  • Roasted foie gras medallion with brioche and pear

    Eur 19,20

  • Warm artichoke and sea bass filet salad with avocado and tomatoes

    Eur 15,50

  • Crispy calamari, pilchards, tiger shrimps and soft shell crab with lettuce salad and white Balsamico cream

    Eur 16,80

  • « Melanzane, aglio e Scamorza affumicata» - Tomato sauce, eggplants, garlic, Scamorza affumicata cheese

    Eur 8,70

  • « Quattro formaggi all’Portofino» Gorgonzola, Mozzarella,, Grana Padano, Brie, pineapple, dried tomatoes, aragula

    Eur 12,50

  • «Salmone» - Tomato sauce, onion, capers, salmon fillet

    Eur 14,50

  • Black pizza with seafood

    Eur 18,50

  • « Carpaccio di Manzo » Tomato sauce, beef fillet carpaccio with truffle oil, aragula and Parmigiano cheese

    Eur 16,90

  • «Prosciutto Cotto» - Prosciutto Cotto, cheese, roasted white mushrooms, onion and Stracciatella cheese

    Eur 15,50

  • Tomato broth with green vegetables and Stracciatella cheese

    Eur   6,50

  • Duck broth with homemade ravioli

    Eur 7,00

  • Seafood and fish soup with crispy garlic bread (calamari, octopus, tiger shrimps and tomato - vegetable bisque)

    Eur 13,70

  • Saffron Risotto with sea scallops and calamari

    Eur 17,90

  • Risotto with seafood

    Eur 17,90

PortoFino Pasta
  • Spaghetti with artichokes and truffles

    Eur 16,50

  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara with crispy bacon, egg yolk and Parmigiano cheese

    Eur 12,50

  • Homemade spinach pasta with rabbit meat, white mushrooms and creamy sauce

    Eur 18,50

  • Pasta Trofie with tiger shrimps, sea scallops, pesto and pine nuts

    Eur 16,70

  • Spaghetti with vongole clams and Bottarga

    Eur 19,50

  • Spaghetti alla Uldis – our friend’s favorite pasta with tiger shrimps and very special tomato sauce

    Eur 18,70

  • Spaghetti with vongole clams, mussels prawns, calamari, tomatoes and Pesto

    Eur 18,70

  • Homemade Tagliolini with lobster

    Eur 39,00

  • Homemade pasta Pappardelle with white mushrooms and sea bass fillet

    Eur 19,50

  • Homemade Pappardelle with octopus and cherry tomatoes

    Eur 19,50

  • Grilled tiger prawns with homemade artichoke Ravioli

    Eur 17,00

  • Sea scallops with Ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach and roasted in butter

    Eur 17,00

  • Homemade Ravioli filled with Stracciatella cheese and served hazelnuts and truffles

    Eur 16,50

  • Homemade Ravioli filled with lobster, served with Mascarpone cheese sauce and trout caviar

    Eur 18,50

Fish main course
  • Seared cuttlefish with artichokes and potatoes

    Eur 25,50

  • Grilled calamari with cherry tomatoes in white wine - butter sauce

    Eur 17,00

  • Pike perch fillet with asparagus, carrot, courgette, young potatoes, spinach and white wine sauce

    Eur 19,90

  • Scottish salmon fillet cooked in hemp seeds with lettuce, tomato and fennel salad

    Eur 24,00

  • Dorado: - cooked in white wine and cherry tomatoes with asparagus and peas or - cooked in salt and served with lettuce salad

    Eur 19,90

  • Grilled sea bass fillet served with tomato sauce and haricot beans

    Eur 21,70

  • Tuna fish steak with teriyaki sauce and avocado-melon salad

    Eur 27,50

  • Sea bass filet with potato gratin, vongole clams and Prosecco sauce

    Eur 25,00

  • Oven roasted doversole with vegetable saute

    Eur 34,00

  • Octopus with young potatoes, olives and home dried tomatoes

    Eur 33,00

  • Chilean sea bass fillet with assorted lentils, wild mushrooms and Prosecco sauce

    Eur 34,00

  • Grilled seafood: lobster, octopus, sea scallops, calamari, wild tiger shrimps and soft shell crab

    Eur 53,00

Poultry and meat main course
  • Country chicken's breast stewed in tomatoes, olives and capers, served with cheese polenta

    Eur 17,90

  • Oven roasted duck breast with orange sauce, spinach and Cambazola cheese – potato puree

    Eur 21,00

  • Stewed rabbit in light Demi-glace sauce with vegetable ragout

    Eur 21,00

  • Grilled sliced beef fillet with Balsamico vinegar, aragula and Parmigiano cheese

    Eur 23,50

  • Grilled veal chop with tomatoes and red onions

    Eur 26,70

  • Grilled Argentine beef entrecote with parsnip, carrots, spinach and cherry tomatoes

    Eur 32,00

  • PortoFino beef fillet steak with Vitelotte potatoes, vegetables and Demi-glace sauce

    Eur 30,00

  • Grilled lamb chops with layered tomatoes, courgette and eggplant

    Eur 33,00

  • USA beef rib eye steak 100gr

    Eur 12,20

Vegan Dishes & Gluten Free Menu
  • Young spinach and chick pea salad wirh artichokes, avocado and nuts

    Eur 12,50

  • Green buckwheat with quinoa and vegetables

    Eur 13,50

  • Lentils with kale, artichokes, avocado and tomatoes

    Eur 13,50

  • Corn gluten free Spaghetti with artichokes and truffles

    Eur 16,50

  • Corn gluten free Spaghetti with seafood

    Eur 18,70

  • Rise gluten free Penne with veal fillet, white mushrooms and cream

    Eur 18,50

  • Tiramisu

    Eur 7,90

  • Crème brûlée

    Eur 7,00

  • Cannoli

    Eur 7,90

  • Lemon grass panna cotta with raspberry sauce, nut wafer and black chocolate biscuit

    Eur 7,50

  • Warm chocolate fondant with homeade ice-cream

    Eur 7,00

  • Marzipan ice-cream cake with raspberry meringue and mango sauce

    Eur 6,50

  • Homemade ice-cream or sorbet

    Eur 6,50

  • Dai Dai Bocconcino

    Eur 2,20

Vegan & Gluten Desserts
  • Warm corn gluten free cake with: mango and passion fruit sorbet or blueberry and lavender sorbet

    Eur 8,50

  • Coconut milk and chia seed pudding with mango

    Eur 7,00